Safety Information

Stable in Earthquakes
Your Aero-Lift was designed to meet the demanding specifications of the California Uniform Building Code (UBC) with regard to earthquake stability and safety. If added protection is required or desired, your Aero-Lift can be fitted with the optional Seismic Isolation System that creates the absolute safest and most robust earthquake readiness configuration.

Safety Features
All of the structural elements of your Aero-Lift are designed and manufactured to precision  specifications and close tolerances. The chain is rated to 10,000 lbs. The Aero-Lift has been load tested to 125% of its rated capacity.

The Aero-Lift electric chain hoist is designed for frequent use, features advanced hoist technology, easy serviceability and industry-leading quality. The hoist incorporates a fail-safe pull rotor brake which is electrically activated and requires no adjustment. A built-in slip clutch protects the hoist against over-travel and over-load damage. These two features work in conjunction to provide absolute control and safety. Stop the lift at any position within its travel range and it will not move. If power fails, the lift stops and stays in position. It will not move until power is restored and you operate the control pendant.

The “Not In Motion” portion of most aircraft insurance policies makes no distinction between an aircraft resting on the floor of the hangar or resting on any type of hoist. Because your policy coverage can change and not all policies are written identically, we encourage you to verify your policy coverage for Aero-Lift applications with your insurance underwriter or agent.