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For detailed information regarding the specific components, structure, technical specifications and operation of the Aero-Lift, please click contact ARM Aerospace and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

“RETROFIT UPGRADE KIT  The retrofit upgrade kit was developed to replace the Acme jackscrew unit in the older Aero-Lift units to eliminate the possibility of binding the Acme screw/drive nut.  The kit utilizes a manual or electric hoist and modifications to the top of the mast and the drive unit and can be installed without any welding in the hanger.  All replacement parts for the older lift design are available – contact Arm Aerospace for details.

LOW WING SUPPORT JACK   The low wing support jack system is designed to utilize the existing lift in conjunction with new support beams and jack screws to lift the aircraft by its maintenance support points instead of the landing gear.  This allows, for example, the landing gear to retract as necessary for annuals, and makes any work underneath the aircraft easier than working on your back.

AERO-LIFT LITE  The Lite version of the Aero-Lift is basically the same structure as the standard lift with the exception of the hoist mechanism.  The Lite utilizes a manual chainfall in lieu of an electric chain hoist with the resulting lesser cost.  The Lite in intended for the the storage of LSA aircraft that do not need to be moved often, as the pull force required at 1500 lbs aircraft weight will be around 45-50 lbs of effort.”