Hangar Fit and Fit Resolution in Small T-Hangars

img1Do your planes fit in your small T-Hangar?
Your small T-Hangar is bigger than you think and your planes are smaller than you think.
Your Aero-Lift will physically fit in any aircraft hangar that has 14’8” of ceiling clearance for the vertical column. Beyond that, it is really more a question of  determining the best way to configure the target aircraft in your hangar. ARM Aerospace can help with hangar analysis. img2

For examples aircraft that will fit and representations of configurations, please download the pdf file.

For detailed information regarding the fit of your specific aircraft in your hangar, please contact Arm Aerospace. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed Hangar Analysis drawing.

What is the Foundation or Floor Mount Option and what is required?
Many Aero-Lift owners who are building a hangar, or are able to retrofit their current hangar, can opt to have the vertical column of the Aero-Lift mounted directly to the floor of their hangar rather than utilizing the supporting legs. This optional configuration provides the most available clear floor space in your hangar, as the legs are no longer required to support the column.

Although the floor mount option does have some advantages, and continues to be available as described below, we try to discourage it’s use, unless there is a strong reason. Additional civil engineering costs and complications in potential future re-sale are the primary reasons for this position.

ARM Aerospace will provide you with blueprints and engineering diagrams for the foundation option. Please note drawings are for reference only and usually must be reviewed and stamped for local application and approval. The structure that supports the column is basically a rebar cage, inside a horizontal concrete channel in the floor of the hangar that is roughly 2 feet deep, 3 feet wide and 10 feet long. The rebar cage and channel runs from the base of the column out 10 feet, at an angle, approximately to the CG of the aircraft, i.e. middle of the lift platform.

The Aero-Lift is attached to the floor with a special base plate that uses J-receiver style bolt-ins (basically a large piece of rebar with a receiving nut) that is encased in the concrete and sits flush with the concrete floor of the hangar. There are 10 bolts to mount the base. The base plate is approximately 14″ x 18″. The column bolts to this base plate using the same bolt holes as the standard legs, 5 bolts in each side. This allows the lift to be reconfigured to accept the standard legs at a later time.