Dimensions & Weight

Aero-Lift Dimensions
The two 15 foot-long legs that support the main vertical column make up the footprint of your Aero-Lift. These two legs form a perfect right angle at the base of the vertical column. As far as the height of your Aero-Lift is concerned, the top of the vertical column is 14”8”. Since the legs form a right angle at the base of the vertical column, all of the space below your Aero-Lift is free and open thus available for whatever use you require. Your Aero-Lift will raise the gear of your aircraft 10 feet above the hangar floor and will provide a full 10 feet of clearance for the vertical stabilizer of a lower aircraft you can nest below.

Your Aero-Lift is also available with a Floor Mount Option that allows the vertical column to be bolted directly to the floor in your hangar. This approach provides all of the benefits of the Aero-Lift with the footprint on your hangar floor being less than 3 square feet and can be converted back to the leg option.

Aero-Lift Weight
Your Aero-Lift assembly weighs approximately 2,700 lbs. Of course the Aero-Lift consists of several components that make up this weight. The single heaviest component is the vertical column that weighs approximately 750 lbs.