Aircraft Owners

Use Your Aero-Lift Aircraft Storage Lift for…

Hangaring a Second Plane:
The Aero-Lift airplane hoist will accommodate most combinations of single engine GA aircraft in existing hangar heights. Call us with your aircraft and hangar specifications and we will advise you how Aero-Lift can meet your particular  aircraft storage needs.

Freeing up Shop Space:
No need to build that new shop. You already have a hangar for those projects. Just install an Aero-Lift hangar lift to double your hangar storage capacity and get your plane out of your way so you can work.

Long-Term Aircraft Storage:
Create space for the family heirloom or the plane you will rebuild someday. There is no need to rent or buy another hangar for that plane you are not using. Install an Aero-Lift and store it safely away in your hangar above your everyday plane.

Return on Investment

Aero-Lift: economics
The potential payback on an investment in an Aero-Lift can be quite substantial, making the initial cost quite reasonable.

Payback opportunities are many, whether from renting out the space, avoiding the cost of procuring additional space, saving the wear and tear on storing a second aircraft out in the weather, insurance, etc.

On a raw cost basis, without regard to opportunity cost savings from renting other space, outside storage wear and tear, lost income available for renting the space, etc., the cost of owning an Aero-Lift can be quite reasonable.

Some examples:

  1. Aero-Lift acquisition including crate and delivery (depending on options and location)-
    1. = $14500
    2. Resale 6 years = $8000
    3. Cost to own = $6500 for 6 years/$90 per month
    4. Assume opportunity cost of using money = savings on rent or storage.
  2. Buy an Aero-Lift versus renting other space
    1. Lift acquisition =   $14,500
    2. Savings on hangar rent per year = $4200 at $350/month
    3. Rate of return = 29%
    4. Payback = 3.5 years
    5. Residual value estimate 6 years $8000
    6. Total cost to own 6 years
      Acquisition cost                       $14500
      Economic Benefit:
      Savings 6 years                        $25200
      Residual Value                         $8000
      Total                                           $33200
      Cost to own                             -$18700