Do you take advantage of your space

Do you take advantage of your space

Do you take advantage of your space

The 3500 lb lift is now in manufacture! A serious review of the 2500 lb drawings has resulted in a new design using the SR-22 as the model. The new unit looks like the older 2500 lb unit, but the legs are slightly longer, the materials are thicker and heavier, the hoist is now a 3 ton, 3 chain hoist and there are new, stronger joints in the high stress areas. The design review was done using SolidWorks CAD methodology. The slightly larger lift is primarily aimed at the FBO hanger space rentals, although the new unit will fit into most "T" hangars as well.The lift height is still 10 feet. Please contact Wayne Whitaker at or phone 850 866 1457 for more details. The first two units sold will be at market introduction pricing. We will be at Hangar C, space 31 for the Sun&Fun event, 4-9 April 2017. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Call Wayne 850 866 1457 for more details

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“My investment in the Aero-Lift aircraft storage system was worth every penny.
I essentially doubled my hangar storage space, avoiding the expense of building a new
hangar. In fact, I liked my first one so much, I bought a second one! With its clever
engineering and sturdy construction, I trust Aero-Lift to safely and conveniently store
my aircraft. And I can’t say enough about their customer service; it is simply the best!”
Jim Fernandez, Washington

"I love your lift"

– Duane Little
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